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Digital Marketing Services

My Digital Leader is one of the best Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore. We offer high quality Digital Marketing Services in a cost-effective manner with Client's Goals & Objectives as priority. Our services are customized according to client & their needs.


Digital Brand Strategy

We develop an exclusive online brand strategy for our clients as per their Industry requirements and enhance their digital platform which could take them to new heights in their business. The Strategy is developed based on exclusive research done on our client’s current market scenario and industry standards.

Integrated Campaigns

When it comes to Digital Marketing there is no stand alone channel or solution that could be the best fit. Thus we suggest Integrated approach on your Digital Channels. Being the best Digital Marketing agency in Bangalore , My Digital Leader offers truly integrated solutions as many other agencies in Indian Market does !!



Responsive Website Development

Websites are not just a static page online instead they are virtual offices for most business that coveys the company’s culture, mission and objective. We ensure our clients website is optimized and fulfills the task intended . Our websites are SEO Friendly that helps in higher search visibility, easy user navigation and fast load time  to ensure the website users have a seamless experience on it


Social Media Marketing

Thanks to the Intervention of Social Media, smaller brands are now able to compete with bigger brands and MNC’s in the market. Social media has passed on the power to end consumers that allows them to follow brand’s of their choice and listen/see things they want to.Our approach to Social Media Marketing is a fun and interactive way that leverages visuals and new age content marketing . This helps our clients gain followers and receive higher engagement from their Target audience




You are loosing a great chunk of your customers if you are not appearing on top of google / other search engine results for relevant keyword . It requires an altogether different technical approach to achieve the spot. As they say SEM is a 100 m race that requires speed & agility; SEO a marathon that needs patience & consistency for victory


Competitor Analysis

Knowing your competitor is an important step to build your Brand in this competitive world. My Digital Leader with its expert team maps your competitor brand and its promotional activities, thus offering an unfair advantage to your brand. We also made sure that competitor mapping is available to smaller start-ups as well and not restricted to few. We made this possible through out affordable solution.



Online Marketing

The new-age, modern way of marketing a brand is through the means of hyper-advance technology, where Internet connectivity plays a major role and various products and services are put forth to grab attention of innumerable netizens.
Our unique solution made sure this is enabled be it a desktop, a Smart phone or a Tablet through a brilliant way of high-impact marketing, a business can reach out to any customer using one of these means, anywhere. The reach and grip of this method go beyond all geographical barriers. 


Website Audit

My Digital Leader is highly committed to deliver professional Website Audits for agencies , website owners, e-commerce companies and software companies. our service gives you a complete critical report which will help you in automate and increase your sales


Bulk SMS Services

My Digital Leader is a pioneer in BULK SMS Solutions. We provide Messaging Solution’s to every industry like Travel and Logistics, Education, Healthcare, ITes/IT Companies, Transport, Telecommunications, Insurance, Banking, Real Estate, Airlines, Stock Brokers, E-commerce, etc.